We’re sending a young mother to Kijabe Hospital with a very serious foot problem in the hopes we can save her foot.

The clinic has seen over 380 cases since April 11th. The most common cases we’re seeing are chest infections, malaria, eye infections and ear infections.

The clinic is getting some new shelves thanks to Cliff and the boys. We’ve had two babies at the clinic with one named Janice and the other Richard.

Beatrice and Janice

Night Guard Simon's wife, Beatrice, and baby Janice

Nurse Joyce deployed late one evening with Serge and Enoch to a place around thirty kilometers west of the Mission and saved a young man’s life: Jacob Lodung. He had been tending goats in that area, and had a chronic respiratory illness that turned critical.

Baby David, who was in serious shape a few weeks ago continues to gain strength and even kind of talked at me today.