In just over a year we’ve managed to accomplish an enormous amount of repairs to Segera Mission in every department from the clinic to the school to our vehicles. We had a lot of help and we’d like to thank everyone for their contributions in all ways from volunteering to resources!

2011 promises to be an amazing year. Already the clinic, thanks to a gas powered refrigerator from the government of Kenya, is providing much need vaccinations to people in the Segera sector. Our road – so vital to us for not only logistics but to take people to the hospital in Nanyuki if necessary – is being improved by contractors paid for by the government of Kenya. And we just had electric poles and cables installed and hooked up to the Mission. Once we’re sure our wiring will handle the load we’ll switch on the power, which will have huge ramifications for our education programs, construction projects and much much more!

In June we hope to improve our water storage system by adding an additional 10,000 liter capacity and greater water pressure, followed by the construction of a village for our small but growing number of orphans and our pastors and their families.

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~ Richard & Janice Skow