The Segera Mission was founded by Rev. Carlton Gleason in 2002, after first visiting Kenya 4 years earlier and seeing the tremendous needs. At the amazing age of 88, Rev. Gleason, called “Pappy” by all that knew him, started a medical clinic, a school, a feeding program for widows and orphans, and a mission outreach program in a remote area 40 miles from Mount Kenya in Northern Central Kenya. He died there at age 94 leaving behind a legacy of caring and love to the poorest of the poor.

We hope you will help us carry on that legacy:

  • Segera Clinic provides the only medical care for over 400 square miles, serving more than 17,000 people.
  • Segera School is educating more than 300 children in grades Nursery, Pre-Unit, and 1 – 7. In addition to education and books, these children also receive a school uniform and one meal a day — for many, the ONLY meal of the day.
  • Segera Feeding Program  Although most of the local people are desperately poor, the poorest of the poor are the orphans, often AIDS orphans, who are usually living with their aging grandmother. We feed about 400 people who truly have no other hope. During times of famine, this number can triple.

Join your hands and your heart with ours.

Please make a gift from YOUR HEART to the HEART OF AFRICA!

How are donations used?
100% of every dollar donated goes DIRECTLY to people in need! This is made possible because the Board of Directors and the American staff donate all their time, and fund all of the overhead. In this way, every dollar you give is stretched till it squeaks!

Who is responsible for the Segera Mission Foundation?
The founder’s daughter, Janice Gleason Skow, has taken over the operation of the Segera Mission. The Board of Directors consists of both Americans and local leaders.

What is the Mission Statement of Segera Mission Foundation?
To give the people of this remote area the message of God’s love, and a chance for a better life through salvation, education, medical care, and the chance for a transformed future.


  • To run the best school in Northern Central Kenya
  • To run a first-rate clinic providing top-quality medical care to the greater Laikipia Central region
  • To provide a library to meet the varied needs of students and adults in this region
  • To provide scholarship opportunities for students, including college and graduate school
  • To support and empower the local community through training, educational help, financial assistance and cooperation
  • To empower the woman and girls of Laikipia to take their future into their own hands and be all they can be — for their children, their communities, and themselves
  • To show God’s love every day to the poorest of the poor


  • The establishment of training centers to empower the people by helping them find self-sufficiency and a sustainable future
  • Providing college opportunities for students with ability
  • Providing work-place training and skills for all students
  • Establishing a Maternity Clinic — mother and infant mortality is a leading cause of death in this region
  • Establishing a Medical Laboratory — simple tests for malaria and parasites could change the health of the whole region!
  • The establishment of computer-training programs for students
  • Greater efforts for the empowerment of women
  • Building a library that will be a beacon of education and literacy in the region
  • Building a tourist facility and guest house and tourist tented camp, so students can be trained in the hospitality industry
  • To engage and connect people from the United States with people in Kenya for the benefit and enrichment of all


Where is Segera Mission?
Segera Mission is on the equator about 40 miles from Mount Kenya, on the Uaso Nyiro River. It is on the Laikipia Plain, which is home to 80% of all the wildlife outside the National Parks in Kenya. Our headquarters are in Carmel California.


Segera Mission Field