Empowering Women

There is no better way to change the cycle of poverty than empowering women by giving them access to education, nutrition and health care, and job training at crucial times in their lives. Kenyan mothers are like mothers everywhere, desperately concerned about their children’s health and education. They make sacrifices so their children can go to school and have enough to eat. Helping the next generation of Kenyan mothers to get an education can help change this desperate cycle. Studies show that every year of education increases the lifetime earnings of these young women, thereby affecting her family and her future.

Our interventions include elementary school, and secondary school education, and advanced training. Our five-year plan calls for a training school for the hotel industry, since travel and tourism is a leading source of income in Kenya. We hope to have a small guest house/tented camp operations to provide for visitors and short-term missionaries when they come, but also to train our students for real-world jobs. The goal is to empower the Kenyans themselves to solve their own problems in a sustainable, transformative way, so they are in charge of their own destiny and future.

Health intervention for women is also a crucial challenge! Mortality in newborns and delivery is among the highest in the world in Kenya, and help at these key times can make all the difference. Our nurses deliver babies and assist in identification of the most severe cases which require transport to the nearest hospital.  Our medical program assists with such critical transportation, whenever possible.

As young women enter puberty, the issues of sanitation and water shortages at school cause major problems. This is the major cause of young girls dropping out of school. The provision of sanitary pads, and decent toilet facilities can dramatically increase retention in school.  In one school we assisted, it DOUBLED the retention rate of young girls in schools. By empowering young women to stay in school, we hope to help these women change their own future.