Food Assistance

Our feeding program has three main components:

  • Feeding for School Children
  • Feeding for Widows and Orphans
  • Emergency feeding

Our school children receive one meal a day – for many, there ONLY meal. A healthy meal of githiri – a local Kenyan dish consisting of corn and beans with some vegetables – is quite nourishing and can ward off the dangerous effects of malnutrition, even if it is the only food that child receives in a day.


Our widows and orphans feeding program targets the most vulnerable in the Segera community. This twice monthly feeding program helps these families to get through the month without desperate hunger. While it’s a minimum amount, it is often enough to stave off severe malnutrition. The standard food package provided includes posho, a corn meal product that is the staple food in Kenya, beans, cooking fat, tea, sugar and a few bars of soap. (Soap is an unbelievable luxury, but means so much for personal hygiene.)

School feeding program

Emergency Feeding
While malnutrition is endemic in Northern Kenya, helping the poorest of the poor is a priority. Identifying those in the greatest need is an ongoing program and handled on a case by case basis, except in times of severe drought. About two years out of five, the rains fail, and massive feeding programs are required. Our emergency feeding fund has to stand ready for these crisis times. On an ongoing basis, we have community representatives who try to make sure no one falls through the cracks. While ongoing food relief is definitely not the answer, we seek to be a safety net for the critically disadvantaged. Long term, relieving the cycle of poverty will come about slowly, long term, through the education of the new generation.