The Founding of Segera Mission, as told by Janice Gleason Skow

My father, Rev. Carlton Gleason, first visited Kenya at age 84. He visited me at Segera Ranch where I had started a school for the local children, and immediately fell in love with the country and its people.

Pappy during construction

Pappy during construction at Segera Mission

As a retired minister of Nazarene and Baptist churches, he was compelled to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ, and His Love to the struggling community. He donated desks for the second grade, began preaching in a cow shed, baptized people in the muddy Uaso Nyiro River and showed God’s love in many ways. After my mother passed away almost 4 years later, he bought 20 acres of land on the Uaso Nyiro River in Northern Kenya, and started a Mission at 88 years old!

My beautiful father, whom everyone in the region called “Pappy,” died in 2008 at the age of 94. In the six years he spent ministering to the community at Segera Mission, he single-handedly built a church, a school, a clinic and a library, using his own resources and the gifts from his children and a handful of amazing friends.

Over 1,400 people attended his funeral, a testament to the impact Pappy had on this remote region of Northern Kenya.

I believe God called my Father to Africa to bring people to Jesus Christ and to save their lives and give them a chance for so much more.  I and a small group, including Lt. Col. Richard Skow,  and the whole team in Africa, are committed to keeping my Fathers dream alive and continue the transformative and life saving work he started.

With your assistance we can help bring the gospel, and brighten the future, for the people of Northern Kenya.

Won’t you help us with a gift today? Any amount makes a difference for the children and families of Segera.

We thank you,
Janice Gleason Skow

Porridge meal with children at Segera